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Are you looking for some fun ideas for entertaining your guests between the ceremony and the start of the dance?  Well, look no further!  Midwest Sound does over a thousand wedding receptions each year and while we’re always tempted to say that we have seen it all people keep surprising us with their creativity.



1.  “Apples to Apples” wedding edition:  Are you familiar with the game “Apples to Apples”?  Place 4-7 cards from the game (or ones you made yourself if you’re crafty) at each place setting.  Then supply your DJ with a list of questions such as “where should the couple have their honeymoon?” or “what will the couple’s first married fight be about?”  Each person at the table will pick the card they feel fits best (or is the most hilarious) and then the table can vote on the best option to present to the DJ.  The DJ then reads the cards aloud and then the happy couple votes on the best answer.  If you want to take it one step further, you can even provide a prize to the person or table who ‘wins’ each question.




2.  Musical chairs/Scavenger hunt:  This is usually done after dinner and before the dance starts.  The DJ will ask for one volunteer from each table to come to the dance floor and sit in a chair.  After all the chairs are full the DJ will read off an item (such as red lipstick) and start the music.  Each contestant leaves their chairs and dashes to find the item and make it back to the dance floor before all the chairs are full.  The DJ will slowly remove the chairs until there is only one winner.  It’s a great way to get guests out of their chairs, moving and excited before the dance kicks off.




3.  Guestbook questionnaire:  Write questions on each page of your guest book for your guests to answer when they are signing.  Another twist on this is to have the guests write their answers on a slip of paper to be sealed in a box or envelope to be opened on your 5, 10, 15 or even 20 year anniversary!  Sample questions are, “Where will the couple live?”  “How long will it be before they purchase a mini-van?” “How many children will the couple have?”




4.   Mad-Libs:  Create cards with customized mad libs that your guests will fill out and place them at each table setting.  Your guests can fill these out while they eat and then deliver them to the DJ once they are complete.  The DJ can read aloud a few that they deem especially entertaining during dinner.




5.  Kissing games:  If you are looking for a twist on the standard clinking of the glasses you could do a couple different things.  First, you could provide the DJ with a list of the couples in attendance.  When the glasses are clinked the DJ calls out the name of one of the couples.  That couple then stands up and kisses.  However they kiss, the newlyweds must kiss the same way.  The second option is a more musical in nature.  If your guests want you to kiss they must stand up and sing a song with the words love or bliss in it!



6.  The Shoe Game: This is a great way to for your guests to get to know more about you and your relationship.  You and your new spouse sit back to back on the dance floor and each take one of each other’s shoes.  The DJ then asks you questions such as, “Who does more of the laundry?” or “Who is the worst driver?”  You then raise your shoe if you feel like you are the answer or your spouse’s shoe if you feel like they are the best fit!


If you are planning on having any games at your wedding reception feel free to let us know what they are in the comments section!


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After 36 years in the wedding industry, Midwest Sound has had the chance to work with thousands and thousands of Brides, Grooms, and wedding industy vendors. Here are some tips that might help you plan successfully for your big day!

1) Start with the Spot

Getting your ceremony and reception locations chosen is the gateway to all other things wedding planning. Many wedding vendors won’t be able to provide you with an accurate quote until you’ve answered two key questions for your big day:  where and when  will your wedding ceremony and reception be?

2) Get an early start!

Most of the wedding vendors you will need offer discounts for couples who reserve early,  and often base discounting on availability.  If you feel great about a particular vendor, go for it! :) You will save time and money, and will make the months before your wedding relaxing, rather than stressful because you haven’t made your final decisions.

3) The Best Wedding Vendors To Choose Should:

-Be Experienced.

-Be Reliable.

-Give you options and expert advice.

-Have a backup plan, on-call staffing, and a supervisor you can contact directly the day of your wedding.

4) Attend  Bridal Shows

If you’d like to meet the best wedding companies in your area “face-to-face”, check out a bridal show!

Not only will you get a feel for the staff that make up the companies you are considering, but many vendors offer a bridal show discount for couples that reserve at the show. You can compare, contrast, and check vendors off of your list- all in just a few hours!

Best of Luck with your planning everyone!

-Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment Indianapolis